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Finance is about managing money and making decisions that affect a company's finances. Finance experts help companies maximize profits and growth by analyzing financial data.


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Professionals identify opportunities for savings and growth, contributing to a company's success and financial goals. Here are a few examples of functions within our network:


An accountant (or bookkeeper) deals with a company's daily financial transactions, such as entering invoices and processing payments. This way, accounting remains accurate and transactions are processed correctly.


A controller is responsible for monitoring a company's financial activities. They check that all transactions are processed properly, the bookkeeping is accurate and reports are prepared on time.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst studies a company's financial performance and makes forecasts based on trends and data. They advise management on investments, budgeting, and other financial decisions.

Financial management

A senior in financial management is responsible for managing financial business activities. They work closely with the management team to develop and implement financial strategies.

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